Jalore- Sirohi MP Devji Patel, the ultimate truth of the viral message.

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Jalore- Sirohi MP Devji Patel, the ultimate truth of the viral message.

The message viral has become a tradition on ours or Facebook and WhatsApp, but as the Lok Sabha elections are coming closer, the viral message has completely changed the color of the political theme some days ago. In the Assembly elections, 
Bheemal Congress candidate Om Singh Rathore, Raniwada Congress candidate Ratan Devisi, the message was viral. 
Now in this sequence, another message Ayrl is happening Message Jalore Sirohi about constituency BJP candidate and MP Devji M Patel 

this message Watts Going viral convinced the app to Facebook 

This is the message 

       the message to suit are written by anti-social elements. Is promoting

When this message came to us when we were viral, then we did not get any information if we investigated these viral magazines, but we got a video that was uploaded on YouTube channel "a loud voice of the public" MP in that video Deogi Patel looks cleaned up

When we talked about this viral mugs from MP Patel, he told that the message is being viral by one opponents and anti-social elements and the poison of caste is being shot. 

Devji Patel told that this message is an opponent and anti-social elements Is being viral by me every caste is equal in every brother's brother, brother and sister, son, this caste dispute and anti-social elements are commenting it is wrong Today, we 

have informed the collector what action should be taken against the viral messenger, and what further is said, the person 

who is aware of this kind of message Viral is a burden on this earth and using such language exposes his sin on this earth. Used to be
I do not want to take any of these anti-social elements. I would like to request 36 members of the community that I do not pay any attention to such messages. I have served the service of truthfully to this day. Every society has tried to walk with it I am also

Because of all the Satish com colleagues, all my activities have been sent to me by my office bearers and the blessings of all of my MLAs and everyone, due to which the Bharatiya Janata Party has sent me back the candidate, in 2009, the same advertisement was sent to the same advertisement The same advertisement is being viral in 2019, which has started by creating a fake advertisement in the name of caste controversy, all 36 commons I will request the country's election, it is a move of the Congress and Congress allies and opponents of the BJP and misguided the people and wants to take the country in their own hands but the country is strong in the hands of our Prime Minister, the honorable Narendra Modi, our country. Establishing record is building new India. 
I will join hands with the 36th brother's brothers and younger colleagues and will co-operate with it. Do not pay any attention to such rumors

The cast of the caste has 
come to the polls near the target elections, such messages are meant to spoil any image.

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